White City

  • Titel: White City
  • Forfatter: Seb Doubinsky
  • Sidetal: 140
  • Stand: Ny
  • Udgiver: Bizarro Pulp Press
  • På lager (antal): 2
  • Sprog: English

"White City" is the rich district of the Nordic Alliance capital, Viborg City. Nothing ever happens in White City, even though everybody dreams of living there. When Niels Kepler, infamous brother to the Phoebus Industry heiress Marta Kepler, is murdered at his home, the shock wave is tremendous, sending jaded Detective-Inspector Sigrid Wulff, ambitious local journalist Leila Bogossian and best-selling horror writer Lee Jones Jr. into a chaos of corrupt politics, family secrets and bad craziness from the past, from which none of them will come out intact.

DKK 120