Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing

Tales of a punk rock nothing
  • Titel: Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing
  • Forfatter: Abram Shalom Himelstein & Jamies Schweser
  • Sidetal: 159
  • Stand: Ny
  • Udgiver: New Mouth from the Dirty South
  • På lager (antal): Lager under opdatering... (error: 500)
  • Sprog: English

About the book:

This is the classic underground novel about a Jewish kid from Tennessee, who moves to DC and hangs out with militant vegetarians, manifesto-writing shoplifters, and strippers who write feminist theory. The story is told through journals, letters and zines. Its got everything you could want out of a novel a chase scene, a sex scene, plus angst-ridden critiques of American s ...more

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