• Titel: Satyricon
  • Forfatter: Ben&
  • Sidetal: 65
  • Stand: Ny
  • Udgiver: Ben&
  • På lager (antal): Lager under opdatering... (error: 500)
  • Sprog: English

About the book:

"Sublime BOOK (glossy hardcover printed in black&white and full-color 6x10" size /// ALL TEXTS BOTH FRENCH & ENGLISH TRANSLATED) compilating a selection of photographic provocations in contradiction with derisory silly violently happy slogans... If you think that Barbara Kruger has influenced John Yates...? If you also think to Hannah Höch, Raoul Hausmann, John Heartfield or Linder Sterling ? Be sure that all those « stealworkers » have inspired our copist arghtist BEN&. Collage — montage — decoupage... Deconstruction of the communication. Communication of the confusion. Provocation of the imagination. Abscon Satyricon. BEN& decodes, destabilizes, decapites your vision, version : Aversion ? Good reading !" (MadameMacario)

DKK 200