Revolutionary Women: A Book of Stencils

  • Titel: Revolutionary Women: A Book of Stencils
  • Forfatter: Queen of the Neighborhood Collective
  • Sidetal: 123
  • Stand: Som ny
  • Udgiver: PM Press
  • På lager (antal): 1
  • Sprog: English

Both a radical feminist history and a street art resource, this handbook combines short biographies with striking and usable stencil images of 30 female activists, anarchists, feminists, freedom fighters, and visionaries. From Harriet Tubman, Emma Goldman, and Angela Davis to Vandana Shiva, Sylvia Rivera, and Lucy Parsons, this collection offers a subversive portrait celebrating the military prowess and revolutionary drive of these women whose violent resolve often shatters the archetype of woman as nurturer. A sampling of quotes from key writings and speeches gives voice to each woman’s ideologies, philosophies, struggles, and quiet humanity while the stencils offer further opportunities to commemorate these women and their actions through the reproduction of their likenesses.

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