Recipes for Disaster: an anarchist cookbook

Recipes for disaster
  • Titel: Recipes for Disaster: an anarchist cookbook
  • Forfatter: CrimethInc.
  • Sidetal: 607
  • Stand: Som ny
  • Udgiver: CrimethInc.
  • Sprog: English

Fra introduktionen:

''These are indeed recipes for disaster. Anyone with the slightest experience in the field knows that nothing ever goes as planned, especially not the first time. Inevitably, at that tense, trembling moment you call in the bomb threat, the receptionist will hang up on you before your recording device plays it - and you'll realize you only brought one clean quarter.

This book can serve as a source of information, but it is meant at least as much as a source of inspiration - it is an attempt to broaden the public toolbox, to encourage others to try out wild ideas of their own. It is indeed important that beginners around the world be armed with specific skills that are ubiquitous in some contexts but have never been applied in others, but the process of discovery and experimentation is always more valuable than the products thereof. Don't abide by any formula in here - improvise, improvise.''

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