Anarchy: A Graphic Guide

anarchy a graphic guide
  • Titel: Anarchy: A Graphic Guide
  • Forfatter: Clifford Harper
  • Sidetal: 195
  • Stand: Ny
  • Udgiver: Camden Press
  • På lager (antal): Lager under opdatering... (error: 400)
  • Sprog: English

About the book:

"Like all really good ideas, Anarchy is pretty simple when you get down to it-human beings are at their very best when they are living free of authority, deciding things among themselves rather than being ordered about." So begins the only modern anarchist classic.
Anarchy, A Graphic Guide is an account of people's attempts to build a world and live a life free of imposed authority. From the thirteenth century Free Spirits, to Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, from Noam Chomsky to the Zapatistas, Clifford Harper chronicles, in word and illustration, ordinary people's extraordinary efforts to overcome authoritarian social and economic conditions.

Harper's beautifully rendered drawings add a distinctive elegance to his writings. With entirely new illustrations-over 350-and prose, this handsome reissue can hardly be called a reprint. His celebrated style brings new life to history's forgotten and maligned heroes: the Diggers, William Godwin, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Peter Kropotkin, the Grimke Sisters, Francisco Ferrer, Buenaventura Durruti, the Kronstadt sailors, Kenneth Rexroth, Paul Goodman, and Carol Ehrlich. In addition, he addresses anarchism's relationship to broader movements, including art, feminism, environmentalism, abolitionism, labor, intellectualism, atheism, and education

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