The Anarchists: The Men who Shocked an Era

  • Titel: The Anarchists: The Men who Shocked an Era
  • Forfatter: Roderick Kedward
  • Sidetal: 127
  • Stand: Slidt
  • Udgiver: American Heritage Press
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  • Sprog: English

For most people at the beginning of the 20th century, the Anarchists were a terrifying but slightly ludicrous band of madmen who threw bombs and assassinated Emperors, Kings, and Presidents. But the anarchists cannot be simply dismissed as evil or irresponsible murderers. Horrified by widespread poverty and misery, they had decided that bourgeois society was to blame - and so they set out to destroy the leaders of this society by force. Today, as new demands are made to overthrow bourgeois capitalism the theories and methods of this band of idealists have acquired a new and terrifying relevance.

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